We Do The

That is what makes us different.

We challenge the status quo, we push the boundaries of what is possible, by building amazing insurance products that can change people's lives, save you money and make the world a better place.

We're Doing
Things Differently

We do the impossible

We start every task by defining an impossible goal. Our team of brilliant minds and creative power sets out making the impossible, possible.

We're better together

For too long, insurance has been slow, complex and obscure. We want to change that by building an insurance product with everyone, for everyone.

We believe in doing better

We’re solving problems, rather than selling boring old financial products. We want to make the world a better place and change people’s lives through OneSpark.

Leave nothing to chance

We're tasked with protecting our client's lives and being there whenever they need help, during the highlights and low moments, but we do it together.

Smart Tech Is In

Our team of engineers, product designers and actuaries work side by side to enhance our AI algorithm, providing a model which can calculate precise risk in less than a second.

Computer Scientists
Product Designers

Our 1 Year
So Far


  • After working at a leading global insurer and learning everything we could, we decided to challenge ourselves to do better.
  • We founded Onespark from Johannesburg, Cape Town and New York.
  • Hired our first and second team member
  • Received our first round of capital investment
  • Build our tech foundation
  • Partnered with GenRe, a division of Berkshire Hathaway Corporation.


  • Took our first product live to market
  • Expanded the dream team to 27 of the most talented individuals.
  • Signed partnerships with brand ambassadors, Siya Kolisi and Lungi Ngidi.
  • Ideated and built a consumer focussed activation model.
  • Partnered with Google.
  • Launched our life insurance product, using a world-first AI algorithm


  • Increase our positive impact on everyday South Africans
  • Expand the team

Are You A Dreamer, A Boundary Pusher And Have The Desire To Change The World?

Join us and build insurance products for everyone